Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sunday hike!

Yes this is a bit lake, but here's photos from our hike around the Lookout Loop in Churning Rapids on Saturday.  Then on Sunday afternoon in 50 degree temps, we did the Mud Lake loop.
No snow in sight here.

The Ruby Marsh board walk is still pretty snowy.

Winter dogs must roll in snow, whenever it is found.

After that we are giddy!

Darn wet out here in Churning Rapids.

We stayed off the soft spots.

We stop for a cool break in Spring Creek.,

A little water fall here.

A stump on the trail had scratch marks
made by grooming implements.

I had to help, so she wouldn't fall in.

This is on Sunday afternoon.

The re-opened Mud Lake trail sure looks rougher without the snow.

Winter dogs do like a good snow bath.

Many frogs were singing from the shores of Mud Lake.

This couple was honking at us from across the pound.

Almost back.  We had such a nice romp today.

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