Sunday, April 23, 2017

The weekend's adventures!

There are photos from adventures I did in the woods and at Church over the weekend.  These adventures were, of course, BIG!
On Saturday morning with the temps getting warm, we
thought it would be fun to run around Mud Lake again.

Oh good, we found ski trail snow renaming.

On the Vista trail above Swedetown creek, we admired
someone's handy, artsy work.

Then on Sunday it snowed!
We headed back to Swedetown Creek for more romps!

Here comes Mark!  Seems he likes the snow too.

Here comes Suka and Bally!

I love having snow all over me!

Although, sometimes ya gotta get rid of some of it.

If John doesn't know I'm here, I'll lick him.

The 4-leggeds led the way, as usual.

Martin agrees with us - it's fun to be in the water!
Us Dogs had so much fun out here today.

They were scoping out a ski trail reroute.

We had such a nice romp here.

Then, we got to stop in to visit at church!

Oh ya,  Mike and Cindy, can both scratch me some. I love that!

And, I got to see some kids!

Ya, you can hug me.

It is even better when 2 kids hug me at the same time.

They were reading my collar.

The whole gang. (not all pictured here)

Vanessa even touched me some.

Annika was clowning around.

We had some nice pew time together. It made me sleepy.

Bye bye! See you soon.

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