Saturday, April 15, 2017

Gates, Swedetown Creek and Mud Lake adventures.

Me and my pack had such a nice day. We had many adventures!
First we stopped in to visit my favorite place. Church!
I usually see kids here.

I helped get things ready for Easter morning.

Then we headed down to see my favorite Swedetown Creek.

We brought our lunch along and eat it down in the gorge.
I had lame kibble.

We visited with Jim and his pups. We hadn't seen them in ages!

That's one big woodpecker hole.

We hiked past Mud Lake, to get the Churning Rapids gates locked.

These trails are still wet but that comes in handy when you're
hot and thirsty.

We re-investigated the River Trail reroute.

Romping through the thick brush is fine by me.

Some Beavers have been very busy here.
We even got to see Scott, Jill and Zoie! Ya, we can't wait to ride either.

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