Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Monday CAMBA romp-N-ride!

Oh ya!  Now we're in Cable on the CAMBA trails.
For those who might not know, Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association.
I got leftovers from a restaurant breakfast.  Hummmmmmm

This is a new trail head we considered starting from,
but we decided it was to far from the trail.
I spied a chipmunk!

We camped at our favorite site at Lake Namakagon campground.
Chipmunk hunting was excellent here as as I've come to expect.
Why won't he come down??
At the Rock Lake parking lot.
We'd not ridden from here in the past few years.
No dogs on the ski trails!!
This won't make trail mutt approved doing that!

These guys are SO slow, I might pass.

Snowshoe trail.  I LOVE snow!

If I pass, they'll just give me heck!

Ya, this is a sweet trail.

We did part of the rock Lake loop.

I still have time to watch for vermin.


I'm resting on the trail.  Ya it's leafy here.

We had a Epic adventure here.
If you enlarge the picture,  you''ll see this is a Epic trail.
Is it 2 and 5K or 2 & 5 miles?  Hummmmmmm
I'm not good at math.

Leaves are sticking to there tire!

Back at camp, I went for a swim.  This is a waterdog's heaven!

They had garden squash soup
for dinner that evening.

Ya its fall and color seemed at its peak.

Tuesday we rode from our favorite
Namakagon township hall.

Fall rides (I ran) are the best.  Its cool out!

Here's the bridge at Patsy lake.

No problem for a trail mutt!

Oh good, they stopped and let me cooooool off in Patsy lake.

I like to share the lake.

We stop for a break on a rock.

Strange bumps that look like scratches on this rock.

These are great!   We did about 15 miles today.
We had such a nice camp-n-ride adventure here.   Hope we come back again this fall.

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