Sunday, October 20, 2013

More bridge repair! At the Dam

Not only the Middle Bridge in Swedetown Creek gorge was undermined this spring by the high water.   Over the weekend my pack along with Mark R and my new pal Scott K were down there to address the washy-outy bank under the Dam Meadow bridge.
I love being out in fall weather like this.  Its cool!

Mark is clearing a spot for cribbing to hold
the bridge up.

These guys thought it was the only way that would work in
this dam medow muck.

I had to give them many pointers.

Scott screws it together.
Mark, you need to add another timber in there.

I'm so proud of these guys.  Here it's done!
It just needs some rocks dropped into it.

I don't know how we'd get anything done around here with out my help...oh and these guys are pretty good, too! See ya next Saturday for Make A Difference Day! I can't wait.

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