Monday, October 14, 2013

Bless me and all my freinds!

Sunday was the blessing of the Animals at Good Shepherd.  Although I do get to church quite often, this was an especially fun day for me.
They have a special service just for us 4-leggeds!

This young one behind us was friendly.
Oh and they were friendly up here too!

I had to be on my best behavior today.

Oh ya, this is Carl and Carol.
I'm really a lap dog.

We took our turns. We were all very polite.

These chickens got blessed and I found them
very, very interesting.

Oh, now it's my turn!

OK, Charlie can be blessed now, I gotta go socialize.

My pal Matt was here just to scratch me some.
He's got his young pup Baldo with him. We wanted to wrastle!

I love students!

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