Monday, October 21, 2013

Back up the cliff to Cliff mine!

Oh ya, we joined Mark's gang for an adventurous climb up the cliff to see the views from the top and mine ruins.

I think this will be another friendly adventure with some scratching!

Chester and I wonder where Bella is??

Our 1st view with more to come.

Lisa wonders about a rock which prompts Mark
 to be a geologist.
Oh ya!  Another edge to gaze from.

All this gazing must make people hungry.  I'd take some!

Us 4-leggeds didn't get any snacks.
Us dogs spied another cliff view.  Come on!

I spy a vermin hole!  Or maybe it's from a drill?

Now we're on the poor rock piles found just over the top.

And the old power plant stack.

More ruins.

Now we ventured back down to see the cemeteries.
This adventure was full of grand leaps! 

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