Monday, October 14, 2013

Middle Bridge Music Jam weekend!

On Saturday morning Mark, Larry and my pack went down into Swedetown Creek gorge to put posts under that lame old middle bridge.
Who wouldn't want to be in the woods during this time of the year!

Mark puts posts in like a he-man!
These should get the bridge through one last season.
My friends Andre and Nick came out to help.  I love kids ya know!
This was Craic.  I love Irish folk!


On Saturday evening we all met at the Orpheum Theater to attend the Middle Bridge Music jam to raise some funds for that bridge.
Erika and Steve.  They were soooo good.
Sarah made an excellent slide show for in-between acts.

RealTime jazz.  My pack never misses their excellent tunes.
Keweenaw Brewgrass! These guys were a huge hit.

Sue was a very, very good emcee!

Nouma was working the sound board.

We couldn't have put this on without his help.

The kids were all dancing! They know how to have fun.
Nouma did such a nice job!

 Thanks to all who attended, donated generously, or like Nouma, helped!
I'm so glad Larry came to see me. I Love him!

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