Sunday, September 15, 2013

I love a Parade!

It was a very exciting Saturday when we went downtown to watch Michigan Tech's Parade of Nations.

This was the Chinese entourage. The dragon was kinda scary!

The Indian students had a good showing.
Best thing was all the kids here.

Oh ya, no one ever touches me!

As the announcer spoke, Mark wondered what he'd gotten
 himself in to...

Next we watched Mark Robert's Clogging dance group performing in the Dee stadium.
They did great!

I found more friendly people to introduce myself to.

I bet her hand tastes sweet...I'll lick it and see.

We topped off an adventure filled day
with 4-H lamb on the grill! I love 4-H,
they're all about kids.  We also went for a ride
at Swedetown trails.  What a day!

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