Friday, November 13, 2015

2015 Porkies backpacking adventure part 3

Days 4 and 5
We packed up in the morning. Only a short jaunt today!

We're leaving this lake, to go to Mirror Lake.

The morning stream was rising off of Carp Lake.

One last peek at the great escarpment.

Up the North Mirror Lake trail we hike.

I spy some super green moss.

Wonder how the barefoot runners like this trail?

I don't see why she bothers....I like getting my feet wet just fine.

Ahh...a cooling dip near the headwaters of the Little Carp river.

We made it!   Oh it was just a few miles today.

We were the only cabin dwellers on Mirror Lake today.

We had such a nice stay here.

We relaxed in between hiking without our packs
and gathering fire wood.

I wish we could live at Mirror Lake 8 bunk.

The next morning, we're on our last leg of our journey....
my pack didn't get any more cabin photos.

We hiked to the top of Summit Peak tower.

Finally! The garbage scow is unloaded. 
Why do I have to haul garbage!

Bye-bye, Porkies...see you at the yurt in March!