Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving holiday trip!

Even though Arly says we still gotta get the ski trails ready for snow, the pack decided to take a week off to travel to South Dakota to spend the holiday with the Aronson's.
We stopped in Duluth to hike the Superior Hiking Trail.

I love Keane Creek!  I got a drink.

The mud was frozen so our feet stayed dry.

Approaching Highland Rd.

We admired the old rail road bridge.
Ore cars pass over this bridge.
Taconite pellets - huuumm,  smells like the Iron Range!
Frozen falls over the rocks near Skyline Parkway

Impressive new Highland Rd. bridge over Keane Creek

Arly's slow, but I like to let him lead some times.

I hope we can see more of the Superior Hiking Trail soon!

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