Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saturday Maasto Adventures

Finally! I got my pack out for a ski around the Mud Lake loop (trail 10) on Saturday afternoon.
You guys are slow! And I need to run.

We stopped on Swedetown creek.
I see vermin up there!  A hunting dog never rests.
Do note our base is deeper than the snow appears on the bridge. 
The creek melts it 

I let her get ahead.

It started to snow.  I love snow. And hunting!

I had to clear ice from my paws.

We saw my friend, Katya.

And her Finch.

Me and Finch are buddies.

We bumped into many, many friendly skiers today..

I analyzed her form...not bad for a 2-legged.

I prefer all-paw drive.

Again we cross the creek.
On a bike bridge this time.

I can't read but I do see snow.

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