Monday, February 9, 2015

Barnelopet means kids!

Keweenaw Nordic and the Sons of Norway sponsored a ski race this weekend for kids called the "Barnelopet".  You know I love kids!  Seems I don't get to see them very often.
In the morning, Sandy and I went for a run.
It was refreshing and cool out!
We went along Swedetown creek.
Then back to the chalet and the kids showed up.
And they're off! This was one of many waves.


I got to watch the racers from this spot....I wish I could have run along with them!
Crash! Oh dear.

It's Nouma!

I would like to run with Nouma.

The racers are coming in.


Maggie and Kari had a good race.

Time for goodies!

Arly helped get a fire going for marshmallow roasting.

I got to play with the kids some, too.

Hey! I smell something tasty down here.

Can't I have some?

I met the most friendly people here today.
You know I like to be close and personal!

Ya, you can pet me some.

I had to shake Sisu's hand to wish him Happy Birthday!

I hope you all come back to next year's Barnelopet and
see me again.

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