Monday, February 2, 2015

Retro Ski fun!

On Sunday, Jay organized yet another great day of fun on wood skis while wearing wool pants. Trail mutts don't need either of those, but I was glad to partake anyway!
Since Jay didn't seem to know where I was,
I had to put my head right in his hand.

I helped get the gear ready.

I got to meet Blair Caldwell from TV 6!
Check out her story on the Retro.

What's the hold up?

Finally, we're going!

We got the gear to the triangle,
where Jay set up for the festivities.

Jay fired up the stove to heat the chili and for hot water.

I don't get to see Jeff all that often.

John made it out too. He brought hot dogs to roast.

After the 2-leggeds ate lunch (I didn't get ANY),
they headed out for a tour on their wood skis while
 I hunted vermin.

We headed out on the trail....

I led, as usual.

Next John led the gang around the marshes.

This is my kinda adventure!

John says there's more adventure awaiting over that-a-way.

Back country conditions were excellent.

Wood skis were the tool of choice on this cold crisp day.

Back to the triangle.

Frannie skied out just to see me!

Jay let me taste the know I don't
mind dish duty.

Hopefully John can steer Frann in the right direction
after having that beer!
 Maybe she'll have more of an adventure than she was bargaining for.

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