Monday, June 30, 2014

Mark's gang hikes up Mount Houghton!

On Sunday afternoon we headed up the Keweenaw do a short hike to the top of Mount Houghton and see the views.
Do you even know I'm here?
Sometimes they leave me behind.

We get started.

Up the snowmobile/atv trail we hike.

Me and Bella don't get out much you know.

We found cool streams along the way.  Me and Bella love that!

We finally made the top. 

The views were great!  Bruce got sweaty!

I was hot and stayed in the shade.

Looking west at Lac LaBelle.

We had snacks up here.

Looking east

The humidity reduced the view, but it was still good.

We had such a nice hike today.

Just as we got back to the car, the rain started to fall.

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