Saturday, June 7, 2014

NCT Blazing Adventures!

OH Ya!

Ya, Lori, you'll need those gloves and all those tools.
 Did you know? Today is National Trails Day! It's better than Christmas if you ask me. To celebrate, I showed a crew of friendly NCT volunteers how to blaze the trail.
A blazin' we'll go!

Joe joined us too...he likes to scratch me just like his daughter
Hannah does. She was on my blog a month ago, ya know.

What's all the fuss with this? I can fit under quite nicely.

"That's right....straight up and down."

Another perfect 2" x 6" blaze! No runs, drips, or errors.

That spruce will do.

Marjory tested her artistic talents too.

Oh ya, that's good.

I'll scope out the next one to be blazed.

Marj, please don't drop that hatchet on my tail!

Joe points out a mighty nice looking blaze!

They had rhubarb cake. Once again, I didn't get any.

Hey! Don't leave!
Oh ya, they're going to work on Lori's segment.
They'll whip it into great shape!

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