Friday, June 20, 2014

Rapid City trail and camp adventures!

Oh ya, hunting was good at camp, as usual.
We stayed at Lake Park CG at the edge of Rapid.
These squirrels don't know who they're dealing with.

But I'll kept vigil.
 I got this from my mom, a boarder collie.

After breakfast, we headed to Buzzard's Roost for a ride

The pack was glad that there are a few mapped
and marked trails in the Black Hills now.

Up, up, up we went.

Nice vistas and lotsa rocks.

And pine!

I had to settle for bottled water, since there were no cooling stops.
(ak streams)

We were glad to get some shade as we checked out the was pretty hot for a winter dog and her Yooper pack.

Soon we went down, down, down.


We spied some odd grape sized berries...rose hips?
Let us know at Arly's new address arlyn.aronson (at)

Looks like they'd been getting rain. It was green!

We loved these trails and had a great time here.

Soon highway 44 came in to view.

Bye Bye, Buzzard's Roost!  We had a GREAT time here.

We had a quick camp lunch before packing up.

Then we relaxed at a park near Rapid Creek.
This big cottonwood was lightning damaged.
Arly's taking care of trail grooming business.

Finally....a good cooling stop in Rapid creek.

As usual, I shard the creek.

This park is trail mutt approved!

After a nice dip, a good roll always feels great.

We had to nap together.

Finally, we can check in. There were friendly kids everywhere.
You know I never get to see any!

I could get used to this!

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