Monday, June 23, 2014

Tate and Dory's wedding.

Special Report: On Saturday, Tate and Dory got married at Chapel In The Hills in Rapid City, SD. Tate is Arly's nephew.

This was the sod-roofed gift shop.

Simple but elegant altar.

The Chapel was built in 1969, and is a replica of one built in
Norway 900 years ago.

The sign said "no climbing on the wall"...  Is this climbing?

Finally, their big moment had arrived.

The ceremony, and the chapel, were beautiful.

The ELCA minister conducted
a very nice ceremony.

Looking up.

Delia got hungry so Daddy (Dusty)
got them some candy.

We believe the peaks (not the crosses) are serpents.

Levi discovered lichen.

They had a nice sunny day. Grandma Aronson is on the right.

Here comes the bride!

Looking for bats?
They spied many resting in the peaks.

Looking to the north (I think)

Arlyn says this is a maintenance nightmare.

The bride is going in, groom running out??

Afterwards, we got to relax and I got to
see Levi and Hayes.
Ty came over and we watched World Cup football.

Sunday morning the pack had breakfast at Perkins...
I got to see some friendly girls so I laid on her lap!

Marla (Arly's sister) loves me.

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