Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mark's gang hikes back up Mount Baldy!

This hike is above Eagle Harbor and up a ridge owned by the Nature Conservancy.  This is also called Lookout Mountain.
Me and Bella are ready to go!

Up the hill of sand we go.

No problem for trail mutts.

We bumped into some friendly trail runners.  Hi Mike!
You can't see him because he's in the back

Now the path turns into Copper Harbor conglomerate rock.

The lake was all foggy today.
We keep hiking west until we catch up with Don.

It was so pretty up here today.   Smart choice Mark!

This is quite the ridge!

We have snacks.

The views were spectacular!

It was a 3 mile hike to here.

Time to head back down.   I lead the way

A grand view of Grand Marais harbor.

We stopped to see the lake at the Eagle Harbor light house.

We could hear, but barely see the bell buoy.

It was less foggy here.

Time to get something to eat!

We ended by dinner at the Fitz.  It's so good!
We had such a wonderful hike today.

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