Wednesday, June 25, 2014

East to Fargo, North Dakota!!

On Monday we headed east and said our goodbyes at the Aronson ranch near Chamberlain SD.
I said goodbye to Arlyn's Mom and Dad.

Late in the day we showed up at Dan's
house in Fargo.  He likes to scratch me!

Just before dark,, we went across town to get in a short ride
 at Johnson trails.

These go along the Red River but with it so dark out,
photos didn't do well.

In and out of the woods we go!

Sadly, with all the rain they had recently got,
parts of the trail had flooded.   Oh well.

Even with sections flooded, it was still fun..

We'd go on the grassy section and find the trail again.

It was a short ride, be it sure felt good to run some.

Ya, we all needed to get out some!
These were still  fun single track trails.

This is the apartment building Dan lives in.  It was nice!

When will we ride with you again Dan??

By-by Dan.  Hope we see you soon!

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