Saturday, June 14, 2014

Finally...a real adventure vacation!

The pack finally got some vacation time so we can have an extended adventure. It took nephew Tate getting married to spur them to head out for camp n bike n socializing adventures!
I always have to make sure they don't leave me.
We left home after the pack was done working on Friday.

We landed at our favorite campground on
Lake Namekagon near Cable, WI.
We even got our favorite site!

Hunting here is always the best!

We patrolled the camp in the morning. I love this place!

Although, there were a few mosquitoes out.

Saturday morning, we headed out to ride the CAMBA trails.

We checked out a new trail. It bypasses the Pothole Plunge.

They were slow because they were climbing.

Then again, they're always slow.

Now we're going! This is what trail mutts are all about.

I think we're getting hungry by now... we went back to our favorite Cable eatery.

I was just being social, when I was attacked by a mountain lion.
Thankfully, I didn't die.

Since it didn't rain, we headed to OO for our after lunch ride.
We saw lots of kids!

We rode the Makwa trail.

Blurry from going fast?....or low light photography...

We had such a nice ride.

Afterwards, I got to see some of the kids. I love skiers AND kids.

And I got to meet some friendly trail workers. They were friendly!

Since the weather man says it's going to rain,
we stayed at our favorite Hummingbird Haven.
Cathy is the best!

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