Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Camping & riding Levis Mounds!

 After our Cable WI adventures, we first headed north to see Grampa and Gramma, and then south to see our best buddy Steve who we know from XC trail grooming.  You know I love those guys!  We also camped at the Levis Mounds chalet.
Oh yeah, no one ever pets me.

See? Hardly ever.

Oh yeah, I like that.

Next we headed south. Ever the host, Steve is
giving directions to a fellow who's not been here before.

Finally! We're off.
Luckily, there were a few nice cooling stops.

Steve led the way.

I was the sweep!

Whew, hot for a trail mutt today.

Steve joined us for a picnic lunch after our ride.

I was hoping he'd throw the stick!

This was our camp in the morning.

And the night before.

The pack had steak on the coals...
I got the trimmings, mmmmmmm

This was a super nice camp site. It's trail mutt approved!

Bye Steve! We hope you come up north to ride with us some time.

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