Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NCT hike SW of Alston!

Sandy had Tuesday off and with the rain ending on Monday,  we took advantage of the fair weather and hiked a section of the North Country Trail a few miles southwest of Alston we'd never done before.   We parked on South Laird RD and hiked west.
Gee whiz we're finally going!

The trail was still wet from all the rain
we got yesterday!

We found a few BIG ones across the trail.

Here the trail followed above a nice creek.

Beavers had created dams now gone
but they still flooded the trail.

I found cool pond to take a dip in.

Old ceder forest.

Another old beaver pond and this one was too deep for the
 2 legged members to cross.
This was as far west as we'd get today.

I'm on an old rail road grade which a RR company used to log with.

Some bright orange fungus we spied along the way.

I think we crossed three ponds today.
 In all, the beaver's seemed to have gone.

I think a bear has slept here!

More trees across this section.

The section did need clearing but not as badly as we
had found the trail just west of here earlier this spring.

Water dogs do like to cool off in any stream they find.

And another!

It was pretty buggy out which limited our stops.
But we did have a nice little hike today!

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