Friday, June 20, 2014

South Dakota!

We stopped at the pack's old stomping grounds - Sioux Falls SD - to see some trails that were built after they moved away.  Sadly much rain had fallen the day before so the trails were quite wet and we couldn't go for a ride.  Nonetheless me and my pack hiked around them to check them out.

I'm so glad to be out of the car and doing something!

There were 2 bridges like this spanning the creek.

It was HOT and felt like 120% humidity.

I hunted for vermin despite the heat.

After our visit in Chamberlain we headed west to Rapid City,
where we made a bee line to Acme Bikes.

Next stop was at Arly's family in Chamberlain SD...But strangely no photo's were taken. You'll see some of them in the next post.
Good bike shops always have lots of friendly bikers.
He said something about his wheel taco'ed.

Sandy and Arly did some shopping while I got some
complimentary ear scratching.

Oh ya, Tim.

These guys are the best!

Next we headed out to Storm Mountain.

Coon Hollow is a historic site in the Storm Mountain area.

It was sunny but dry and comfortable!

Lots of rock and pine here.

Thankfully, there were a couple good cooling stops.
We had a great ride here!

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