Monday, September 1, 2014

MTU students help on the NCT!

Students came to help clear a portion of the North County Trail. You know how I love students! And some ear scratching.

We gathered up on campus bright and early.
 Friendly students make me giddy!

Gee, there were friendly students everywhere!
I just don't get out much you know.
Where are we anyway?

The gang convoyed out to the Baraga Plains to take care of segment 40, which we worked on a few weeks ago.

Now we're going!  Lots of down trees were cut and moved
on the south end.

Jim and Lyle are scoping out the next good blaze location.
Ya, blazing is all about team work!

Lotsa blazing is going to happen today.
This section sure does need them !

Lunch break!

Dan tried his hand at marking a corner.
 Seems we need to get him to a trail clearing
and blazing seminar!

Everyone says hi to Travis.  
Or are they waving away the gnats?  I was glad to see him!

I love having a willing supply of ear scratching.

Oh ya. I don't get much of this.

You can do that harder!

Arly put the pole saw to good use again and again.

The pole-saw removed many, many overhead branches as well.

Marjory inspects and notes how nice these freshly painted
blazes look.

End of the day for this hearty we hike out.

...time to head back. I led the way.

C'mon you slow pokes!

What chapter's trail is this again? I can't read.

 I still have time for vermin hunting!

Finally, back to the car.

We got a lot done today

Don't you know I love blue berries?

Everyone picked some blue berries.

Back at campus, I made my good-bye rounds.

I'll miss you!

What a great crew! I hope to see you out on the trail again soon.

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