Friday, September 12, 2014

Sisu Bridge Rebuild!

Mark Roberts and I were in Swedetown gorge today and went to work on Sisu bridge repairs. Last winter a beam broke on it plus one intermediate support collapsed as well.
Mark,  you need to move those loose boards back so people
don't trip on them.

Ok, that looks better.

Here you can see the collapsed support we'll be replacing.

The left beam has rotted and broke.

We'll get this patched up and maybe get a couple more
seasons from it.

There is the bent support again.

Ya Mark, I sure appreciate your help!
Swedetown gorge is made with nonesuch shale that's
1.1 billion years old.
We took some home to test drill it and see if we can
 cement some anchors in it.
We don't know if it likes to have holes drilled in it!

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