Monday, September 15, 2014

Parade of Nations!

Mi Tech Parade of Nations was this weekend!  That means kids plus Mark's clogging group would be at the Dee stadium.  I can't miss any of that!
As we waited for the parade to start,
some friendly people stroll by.

Ya, I just never get scratched ya know.

Seems lots of friendly people come to see this parade.

Now it starts up!  Oh dear, these dancers are scary.
They're from the nearby tribe.
It's Frann!  Don't you see me?  Please come over and say hi!

This fellow didn't scare me.

It's the pep band!

I love them!

Now all the nations go by.  This group seems to be from China

More kids!

I don't know you but ya, you can rub me some.

I love a parade because so many kids are here.

Maybe those kids will come over and see me?
Seems they might be more interested in candy.

I'm just glad to get out at all.

This group was noisy!

I love friendly people from all nations.

Oh, oh, here is a big scary beast!
I'll be brave and just sit here.

Tell me where this group is from??  I can't read.

Maybe he'll come over and say hi?

I see Glenn Mroz the President of tech!  He looks friendly too.

The India float. (I think)

Here's a friendly family!

You know I don't get out much to be social?

Twins are double the fun, ya know.

Now we're at the Dee stadium to see Mark's Clogging gang.
Ya, you can put your hand in my mouth..

Mark's gang is really stepping today!

And clicking.
Me and the crowd really liked them!
I hope we come back and see them agian next year.

You know I love little girls..

This whole group was friendly.
They're in a Finnish dance group and really hamming it up!
Lots of people in their traditional dress here.

I don't know you but I will say, no-one ever pets me.

My pal Kathy!

Not a single little girl has stopped
by to pet me today.


Friendly Tech students were working the Dee today.

Hey! It's Charles....

...and Kristen White! I've missed you guys.
I'll  see you at the Bridge Jam in December!

Oh ya,  a friendly mom and her little girl.
I never get to see any kids!

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