Monday, September 22, 2014

Cycle tourist!  Every summer we get cyclist stopping in from what's called the Warm Shower list.  You know how I love cyclist!
Ya, its been a long, long time since anyone has petted me!
These friendly fellows are from downstate.

   Now trail clearing photo's taken over several days.

We'll be on the trail for some weed-whacking.
 My pal Sam is helping!

We're clearing upstream on trail 4 today (River trail)
Special note: the fog you see is moisture coming off the strings

Break time!  We have so much fun together.

The trail goes this way Sam!

Why is Arly digging a hole?   I dig holes.
Maybe it's to remove this tree.

Hummmmm what's this?

Now we're clearing the trail just off Tomasi trailhead.

Ya, this will be great when its done.

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