Saturday, September 13, 2014

North Shore Hike-n-Camp adventure day II

Being a trail mutt is all about camping and hiking!  This is the second day as we hike northeast along the shore.

The 2-leggeds consulted the map before we headed out
for Indian Camp Creek.

Bye-bye, Lake Agnes chippys.

I wonder if we'll see any friendly hikers today?

Here's some!

I sure didn't see no caribou on the trail...

Sandy reads a sign for me since I can't read.
I guess any squirrels I catch will be
considered poached!

Up we climb.

The 2-leggeds enjoyed the view of Caribou Lake
from the top. I enjoyed the scratching.

Do I need to show them where to go again??

I'll let Arly lead for now.

Dave, this is a great water hole!

Jonvick Creek beaver dam

This wiggly boardwalk made me nervous!

We took a break at a snowmobile trail shelter.

Down we go.

Arly removed my pack so I could take a cool dip.

I do recommend Spruce Creek!

Me and Uncle Dave hung together for a while.

Finally, we spied the Big Lake.

The descent to camp

Finally! Indian Camp Creek.

This was another nice camp spot.

This creek is good for cooling, drinking...

...and washing your paws off.

We had such a nice hike today.

I wonder if Dave knows how hungry I am?

Arly was glad to get his favorite "Dinty Moore"
 (actually home made, dehydrated stew)

I don't think he sees me.

Since Dave didn't share his vittles, I had to go catch a mouse to eat.
Although, I only did play with it.
I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring?

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