Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Maasto work, mushrooms and much more this week!

It's been a busy week here with ski trail clearing in full swing!
Ya I'm glad to be out helping on the trails.

I think I see a better run-out trail for this little hill near
the cemetery.  What do you think?

We seen some big yellow mushrooms here.
Here's another! They smell funny.
This crew is clearing more of the Vista trail.
Ya, I do like it looking like this!

Jannika is moving this stuff off!

Maybe these two should do less talking
and more bucking??  :-)

Ya, these guys are really getting it to look good.

Wes shows how big the gear is on his single speed bike.
Sam takes a break while Paul and his trail mutt show up to help!
This is on Dam hill.

Sam stepped in a bee's nest here which prompted him to run.  Go Sam go!
Me and my pack is heading west then north today and will spend 4 days hiking the Superior hiking trail.
My blog will be updated after we get back.

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