Thursday, June 6, 2013

Up north adventures with Mark's gang!

On Sunday June 2nd we joined Mark's gang to explore around Horseshoe Harbor, which is a little cove just east of Copper Harbor.
We hiked in on the 2-track.
The 2 leggeds thought the north west breeze was chilly.
Me and Bella found it just right!

There were lots of rocks to jump up on.

We all scrambled up. This is conglomerate rock country!

What was here in 1905??
The pounding surf made me nervous.

C'mon! Even you 2-leggeds can get across that little crack.

Sharon hopped across with a little helping hand.

Some hearty Keweenaw vegetation was found up here.

This was quite the conglomerate rock outcrop.

Some very yellow moss.

Bella showed the gals how to climb down...
...I guided Andre.

Can we jump back up?
Stromatolites which can be read about here.

I had a refreshing dip in the warm frog pool.

We checked this crevice out.
 Its the same one we bravely jumped across.

Kathy is at the perfect level for consistent ear scratching.
She's always a good choice for affection.
Frankly I don't get much of that ya know.

The gang stopped for snacks. Me and Bella didn't get any.

Me and Bella tussled around.

Time to trek back uphill and to the car.
All in all, a grand adventure up in the Keweenaw!

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