Monday, June 24, 2013

  Marks gang headed up to Cliff drive on Sunday afternoon to see the Cliff Mine dig happening up there this summer.
Oh ya, this looks fun.

I found site hikers to be very, very friendly.

It was HOT but Bella and I knew just what to do.

Tim Scarlett lead the most interesting tour .

And he scratched my ears.
These tours are trail mutt approved!

With the tour over, we pawed our way to the top
to see the view.

Poor rock piles were found everywhere.

Mark looks at the map to find details.

This stack was built in 1860, 15 years
after the mine was opened.

I keep a close eye on the pack or they might leave me.
We had so much fun seeing the friendly people and learning about the
1st profitable mine up here.

Its been a busy weekend
so I napped when we got home.

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