Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swedetown Trails ride!

The pack knocked off of work early so we could go for our second trail ride of the year. I always say, work is over-rated...going for a trail ride or run for me is waaaaaaay better!
Let's go!

We headed out on the Back Country MTB trail.

I was pretty peppy until I got hot.

We maneuvered around the Adventure Trail rocks.

Finally, I got to take a cooling stop at the Boy Scout bridge.

Here we are on the Cable Connector.

See the cable on/in the trail?

Almost to the intersection...

Then we circled around Farmer's Well.

Good thing they aren't on a 29er, with these bridges and all...

The rock pile is remnants of the old farm.

A big one went down over the winter.

I was brave...I jumped up on it.

Other than the mosquitoes, it was the best ride yet this year!

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