Sunday, June 16, 2013

Third trail clearing adventure of the season!

On Saturday June 15th, the pack got together with many friendly trail folks for an adventure filled day. Dave came all the way up from Port Washington, WI to see me and to help on the trail. Jim came from Ontonagon, and Linda and Millie drove over from L'Anse. After lunch, we also met up with Bill and Wade from Bruce Crossing. I love them all!
Right off from the start, the pole saw came out to remove fresh
 dead falls.

Dave got busy removing an old blaze.

Then scraping bark off.

Where the devil is Jim??  He needs to paint it.

Oh there he is.

Dave goes to clearing shoots that might block the next blaze's

Arly thinks it looks fine.

Oh ya, that's nice.

With this hearty crew, we got this section up to snuff.

A little pine gets the mark.

Ya, guys, that's what I like to see.

Jim! How's this look?

  Don't be skimpy with the paint!

Ya, lunch break. As usual, I had lame kibble.

I had to interrupt their important work for some
necessary ear scratching.

I think we need to mark which way to turn off the bridge.


Arly, you need to cut those trees impeding on the bridge.

These long, slim learners need to come down now.

Ya, this big one needs to go.

Remember this Porkie tree from last winter?

Even the rocks were blazed by the fledgling artist Jim.

Good thing Bill and his boy Wade came to help!
They were friendly and were we glad to see them.

A few trilliums were still out.

Sniff, sniff.....smells good.

Dave demonstrates an alternative blazing technique.

Finally! Was I ever glad to get back to the car and pack up.

It was a long and busy day.  I got tired on the way home.

Dave left Sunday morning which made me very, very sad.  But the good news is he's coming back to see me and do more trail work later this summer.  We're planning to be back and continue on July 13th.  Hope you can join us!

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