Sunday, June 9, 2013

Second Sunday hike fun!

On Sunday afternoon the Peter Wolfe NCT club had a hike along the Sturgeon River Canyon.  This is my kind of adventure!   A little hike with plenty of friendly people.
This looks like a crowd I can introduce my ears to for
their scratching pleasure.

Oh yea.

Here's another friendly one who will fondle me.

OK Jim, lets go!
I know him from trail work we do together.

We stopped by the falls for a look.

Here was a little rock I jumped on top of.

Jim!  The water is great over here.  Just try it.

Here is the bridge over a pretty creek which was the
turn-around spot for our hike.   I liked it,  I'm a water dog ya know.

 I love him...he does trail work.

This stop offered me many opportunities to be very, very friendly.

Guess I gotta round 'em up and we'll go back.

After she scratches my ears, that is.
This was as far as we got today.  What a grand hike we had!.

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