Monday, May 27, 2013

An adventure filled Sunday!

This Sunday of Memorial Weekend the pack met up with Mark's group for another adventurous outing. Of the whole crew, only Mark showed up! The rest of the gang really missed a good one today...
First we stopped off to check out the Phoenix mine ruins...

...and the tower at the top of the Cliff.  Mark says at one time this nice chalet with a view was open to all but in recent years closed. At least hikers are welcome to explore!

On the way down.   It was an adventure!

It was steep but no problem for anyone with all paw drive!

Next we hiked the trail built by the monks,
up the hill from their monastery.

I led the way, as usual. That's what trail mutts do ya know.

Mark suggested we see the creek gorge first.

The monks' fishing pond was on the way to the creek.
I smelled a scary water beast here...

It's Nellie! The loch-ness monster. She was friendly today. Whew!

I was so glad the artsy foot bridge held us all up.

C'mon Mark! Some ear scratching already, please.

Algae overflow from the pond....ooozy.

There were benches of all different construction along the trail.

Finally! Jacob's creek.

I got lots of practice jumping up today.
 This nice camp area was overlooking the creek.

The monks also built many foot bridges.

A bench? Or nisu?

We had to be cautious near the roaring falls.

I think some Monks painted these
found along the trail....

Quite the trail they built!
This tailings pile was from the Arnold Mine.

At the trail head.  I love Mark! He hugs me.

The pack completed the adventure by having an excellent
meal at Fitzgerald's.   While I had lame kibble in the car. No fair!

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