Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swedetown Creek bridge and trails-a-washing

The pack met up with fellow trail lover John today to do some spring bridge inspection. Evidence of very high, fast moving water was everywhere. I was so glad the torrent has slowed back down!
Still some snow standing on this now crooked dam
meadow bridge.  See how the right side was lifted up?
 Seems the 6x6 post was lifted about 4".
Tons of rock got washed in here.
I guess we'll just ski over them!
The water had been knee deep here!
This is the bridge at the dam. Arly filled this
bank in with rocks this fall and they all washed away along
with the bank.  This will need support posts added.
I can't be falling into any torrents!

I nervously posed by this raging waterfall...

The Rail Road Ravine pedestrian bridge got nudged
down stream along with it's supporting bank.
It will need some loving care as well..

The middle bridge was in sore-en-sorry shape.
The whole supporting bank had gone south.

See....Better not have any autos crossing it!

Again, many stones got washed in here.

The Sisu bridge supports had stones pushed against them.
Overall this bridge looked to be in fine shape, for the shape it's in.

More snow! Not a bad end to the day for a winter dog.

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