Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tech ski at 55 degrees!

Under a warm spring sun, we thought we'd check the conditions at Tech trails.  This was on Monday.
What's the hold up!

Oh dear, this was my favorite cool-off and drink stop.
I'm hot, but it looks deep today!

Now we're doing bike trails.

On this bridge, my pal Larry famously said that
29er's can't do these narrow ones!
He said that while following my pack on a tandem.

Narrow bridges make me nervous.

Gee, its been such a nice spring.

Another of my favorite drink locations was under deep water.

All the squirrels were out in the sun like me

Seems the snow is getting skimpy on this trail!

Maybe we can run down this hill?


Zoom, zoom!

Looks like even the skating was good today

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