Sunday, May 5, 2013

Four legged frenzy along da lake shore

We met up with Bella who by the way had been ill lately.
She seemed pretty chipper today! And my new friend Mikko. Plus all these very friendly people.

We saw steam coming up off the sand here.  Why is that?

Scary dogs!!  Where are they??

Mikko must be a water loving dog like me.

I love sand, cool water, friendly dogs and kids.

Wood from a very, very old boat washed up on shore.  I sure hope no one was hurt.
Mark spied some very cool rocks

Maybe this boat was in an accident?

OK that's right, if you use all your paws, this cliff is no problem

I think I smell the 1950s?

Kathy thinks it's a tad tall.

These two are my pals.
This is the Coast Guard cutter Alder we spied cruising past.  Alder info and photos
We had such a nice hike along the shore together.

Oh I almost forgot! We then stopped at Eagle Harbor to
gawk at their falls. They were spectacular!

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