Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Skiing II

With another fine spring day on order,  we got out for another romp in the woods!
The Hyacinths think its spring!
Ya I'm ready.
Let's go!

We glided up the River Trail, heading away from the creek.

Oh this is scary.  Water dogs sometimes forget they swim like fish.

Snow baths after a dip are the best!

We still have deep snow on the trails.

We even have snow mushrooms yet!
I bravely crossed this scary snow bridge.

I checked out this snow mushroom. I was so glad I didn't get swept away in the torrent!

Whew, I made it back safe! Oh, the water was just 6 inches deep...
Gee whiz, another scary bridge!

Whew! I made it. I can't wait around on her!

Maybe she'd do better with all-paw drive.

We skied out on the Pine Loop.
What a great little ski we had! Not bad for April 26th.

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