Monday, April 8, 2013

Eagle Harbor Ski take 2

On Sunday afternoon Mark's gang was heading back up to Eagle Harbor to ski those wonderful trails again.  So we joined them, in hopes of adventure followed by BBQ at the Fitz!
On the way out of town we stopped to see the Huron Mountains in the dry spring air. These are 70 miles away and we don't normally see them.

This is the snow coming off the visitor center in Calumet.
I as so brave to get way up on top!
At the trail head and ready to go.
Of course scratching me is also very important..

Finally!  We are going!
This is what trail mutts are all about.

This is the western end of the trails were they pop out
at a rest stop at Great Sand Bay.
Ya we all love the lake.

Gee whiz you people, I'll show you the way.

I can run with this friendly gang!

I had to get in the shade.

The trail and snow were all very good today.

We had SO MUCH fun with them! Even if we didn't get to
have BBQ at the Fitz yet...hopefully soon! Stay tuned...

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