Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mid week up north adventures!

Sandy was able to get off work early this Tuesday, so we celebrated by loading up the Bread Box with skis and snowshoes and headed north to find adventure in Eagle Harbor.
First we checked out the ski trail and it
looked good, so we fed the donation box
and headed out for a ski!

I led the way, as usual.

Spring skiing makes me giddy!

We stopped to see the walrus. I saw vermin too.

Snow baths are the best!  Snow is my spa and bath...

The snow was crusty, yet powdery. Perfect for vermin chasing!

I had to help them read the map.
These maps are SO nice, even I could read them!

Sandy had to shed a layer of clothing...I know the feeling!
Maybe she needs a good brushing like I get?

We even had some excellent BC adventure!

This trail goes past many little ponds.

We spied a lake boat on the trip home.
She must be on her way to Duluth MN.

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