Thursday, April 25, 2013

First NCT work bee of the season!

The pack scouted the NCT from US 45 to O-Kun-De-Kun Falls this Monday and decided that today (Thursday) would be a good day to get out for some dead fall and brush clearing. The 2 leggeds used snow shoes. I of course opted for the always superior All-Paw-Drive.

Is it deer season again?

We're ready!  I'm always ready for adventures in da woods!
Arly found the pole saw most useful today.
I pointed this one out.

Here Arly trims out more branches with da trusty pole saw...
Then he gets down to business with the
big saw saw here.

We cut and moved lots of brush today...
Like this spiny devil.

I showed my jumping-up prowess.
This big old balsam was blocking the trail.

But not for long!

Arly is now a BIG advocate for pole saws.
How we get along without one before!
After making it to the falls, we packed up to head back.

The snow was about 2 feet deep on the trail so
they had to wear snowshoes all day!

I was glad to get home and was a busy day on the trail.
The rest of the pack was tired too.


We'll need to come back later this spring to whack-n-cut all the small trees and brush still on the trail. The trail could stand a few more blazes too...we hope you can join us! Trail work is the best.

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