Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally, vacation!

The pack hadn't taken a real vacation for almost 2 years so our window to go came up, so we jumped out! First up was going to see Gramma and Grampa in Ely, MN.
Packing the Bread Box on Saturday...don't leave me!

Finally, we got out for a ski adventure in Ely on Sunday.

This is along a power line. What's taking her so long?

Sandy helped with technology issues.

It was too warm to ski on Monday.

We bravely crossed the bridge to the island.

Typical northern MN lake.

Sandy's slow on the rocks, but she
doesn't have all-paw drive.

I had to be coaxed down the scary slide.
 Some kids would have helped.

I didn't die! Can you believe it?
The pack had home-made pasties and I didn't get any.

I had to be satisfied with the ball as I guarded the living room.

I supervised breakfast.

We had such a good time with Gramma and Grampa in Ely.
Tuesday we headed west, and along the way we saw our
favorite trail (the NCT) near Walker, MN.

Bald eagle? Dinosaur? Turkey? You decide.

We hiked down the the chalet at the bottom
of the sled hill/ski trails.

Ski trails are my favorite!

Top of the sled hill. You can see the chalet by Sandy's head.

This is the Shingobee Recreation area.

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