Monday, April 29, 2013

More NCT fun on Saturday!

 On Saturday, with the warm weather and all, the pack decided to check out Canyon Falls. This hike is one of the sections of the North Country Trail which follows the the Sturgeon River.
I led the way, as usual.
We relaxed on the bench to view the river.

Still some ice falls on the north facing cliffs!

I had to stay close by for security from the raging torrent.

O.K., now we're back on the safe, non scary NCT.

I broke trail here.

Do I see something ahead?

High up in the tree! It's a porkie! I keep my distance
from these fellows. I've been quilled once. Never again!

The water was just right.

The falls were roaring but not yet at peak flow.

Once again, I stayed close for security.

I think I see spring coming!
On the drive home we spied another location we'll have to check out.

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