Tuesday, April 23, 2013

O-Kun-de-Kun falls ski stop on da way home

I've been pent up too long and need to run!
Coming up and across Wisconsin on Monday all we saw was rain and gray clouds.  When we hit the border of MI the skies cleared and the white stuff got deeper and deeper. They don't call this place God's Country for nothing...
As soon as things dry up, we'll be back and clear this trail up!

Let's go see the river!

This was a fresh fall across the trail.  More saw work!
Did you know I'm a trail mutt?

Gee whiz, Arly and I ran up-n-down this hill.

The Baltimore River was up!
This was waaaaaay too close for me.
This was a far more safe distance to view the falls.
This bouncy bridge was pretty scary too.

Hang on Arly! You could fall in any second.

Even down stream was quite a torrent today.

This bridge wiggles and requires my paws to be
carefully planted.

I made it!

I'm so glad to be off and that no one died.

Tine to get back to the breadbox Honda and go home.

Snow is still a couple of feet deep here. I do love the snow!

They made me wait in the clean snow and then they carried me to the breadbox.  I do like that.

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