Sunday, May 24, 2015

Saturday morning at Swedetown trails.

With wonderful weather predicted for the holiday weekend, my pack thought we should cruise around these wonderful trails.
We got-a-going right away in the morning.

We headed up the Happy Ending first.

It was such a nice morning for a romp!

It was cool out...but I still get hot.

Oh Ya!

We didn't happen to see any snow shoers.

We went to check out the Farmer's Well next.

Where's the dog??? Oh, hunting was good.

Look like an old farm stead to you?

I keep my nose wet as we run.

No problem here.

Some dogs like me, just don't get out much.

We viewed the lake on Lakeview Loop.

Here's the old homestead on the other end
of Lakeview Loop

We checked out 7/11. It had dried up and was good too.

Best of all, I got to see some friendly bikers!
I hope to see you soon, too.

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