Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jim's section NCT hike.

On our way home on Sunday we stopped on M-64 just south of White Pine to hike a short section of the North Country Trail that our pal Jim maintains.
I love this trail and Jim!

This post seems new.

We head east towards Bergland hill.
My pack hadn't hiked this in years.

Spring plants are up. Trilliums were up but not quite bloomed.
Trail is just drying up.
Any earlier this spring it would have been all muddy.

At the top we admire the view with no leaves.

He had fresh blazes on it.  Thanks Jim!

On top of Bergland hill are towers used by large black birds.


No idea if this is still in use.

One took off and Arly got his photo.

We head back down.

It was hot.

This fungus was bright white.
Old trail blazes.

Winter dogs do get warm.

Almost back down.

We then crossed the highway to look at the trail there.

The beavers have been busy here.

We saw 2 new bridges. Way to go, NMK Chapter!

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