Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday romp with Mark's gang!

On Sunday afternoon we joined Mark's gang (KDSS) to hike a couple trails up north. We parked at Esrey Park on a cool, breezy Keweenaw summer day.
People stopped to look at the signage.
Trial mutts don't need no signs!

Up the hill we go.

We passed through 4 types of forest along the way.

This trail ended on Brockway Moutain Drive.

We then proceeded to the next trail.

Sign says we head to Upson Lake.

Me and Bella led the way again.

I had to be conservative on the beaver dam crossing...

Bella of course was much braver.

Oh good, after our romp we're all going
to the Brickside Brewery
This place was Mutt approved a few years ago.
Gee, we found a pack of friendly mutts here today!

Can I have some chips?

We all had such a nice visit here.

Hey, Dave has chips too! Me and Pepper sure are hungry.

All us mutts had to resort to hunting for morsels on the floor.

Oh Jessica! We missed you.

Hey! This fella is good for some treats.

Lots of friendly people here today. 
We have been soooooooooo good!

Ya Jason, we appreciate a mutt friendly business ya know.
And good beer too!

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