Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Swedetown trails opener!

On Tuesday we called Cross Country Sports and asked them if Swedetown trails had dried yet.   Pat Z said the lower ones were in pretty good shape but things got snowy as one climbed to the top.
What's this say?  I hope we're going to run here.
This was on M203.

I think it say trucks can't be in here making a mess.
Oh good, we're going!

It was warm today and good thing we found some snow.
It was cool and something winter dogs can appreciate.

Trail features?

No problem for trail mutts.

We stop to consider doing the McGunn creek trail.

The only snow we found on a bike trail.   We didn't stop here.

But we did here.  This was on a ski trail.

I scratched up a snow-cone drink here.
Hard to see the trail for the leaves!

We had such a nice romp here today.
Wonderful start for our 1st ride at Swedetown.

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